Post Industrial Community

The Post Industrial Community

We are facing important changes. 

In all likelihood, over the next decades our society will transform into one in which the social and economical concepts that have ruled us for the last two hundred years will disappear.

A new society will emerge, one that is respectful with resources and manpower. Clear signs of this impending change are lighting up all around the world, lights that illuminate the way we will go.

We, together with many others, have begun imagining the post-industrial society. Its main value is respect. Respect, rethink, reset, recycle, repair, recharge: the chronic forward movement of ruthless economical growth has to be bent into a circle. 

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Fashion is an important player in the world economy, and, up to now, one that causes a considerable amount of damage to the environment, not to speak of the degrading circumstances in which many of its labourers are forced to work. However, exiting new initiatives to change this situation are taking place all over the world.

Loom Sustainable Experiences and Studio Virginia Rondeel are creating a corporative entity that we have named the Post Industrial Community. With this association we aim to create a wider consciousness about environmental and social issues, in particular those that involve the fashion world.

Our objective is manifold. It encompasses the organisation of a bi-annual Post Industrial Fashion Show, an exchange project for left-over industrial materials, exhibitions, workshops in educational centres of all kind, regular creative meetings were we, together with temporary companions, try to develop new models for a coming society, as well as the publication of a newsletter in which we publish relevant information on the issues we deal with.

We seek partners.

Our alliance is open to any organisation or individual that shares, or feels inspired by, the ideas mentioned above. We perceive great changes, changes that will transform our society utterly, and we strongly believe that we have to prepare for it. Artists, as well as designers play an essential role in imagining the future. We aspire to bring them together with other relevant partners, and establish the dynamic situation in which new ideas can surface, explored, tested, and realized.

Relevant partners may come from all corners of society. At the moment we are cooperating with partners such as Nau Bostik, the civic centre that has hosted the first Post Industrial Fashion  Experience Humana, the well-known ngo that revalues used clothing, Atrezzo, a firm that put at our disposal the mannequins we have used at a fashion exhibition, Odos visual merchandizing, who helped us to set up the exhibition, as well as a group of local upcycling designers.   

We invite you to value our proposal and if you feel you want to add something to this project we invite you to contact us

· Virginia Rondeel , president Post Industrial Community ·