Post Industrial Fashion Show

Join the new era of fashion.

PIFS is a different kind of fashion event, a place where you will meet open-minded people interested in fashion, in design, in contemporary spectacle, and diversity.

The term Post Industrial suggests a new age in which one of the pillars of our society, industry, has lost its omnipresence. We are evaluating the effects of this era to come on the world of fashion.

We foresee a new kind of fashion design, one that is based on:

  • Innovation
  • The creation of a more open concept of beauty
  • The use of materials that respect the environment
  • Respect for people, especially fashion’s workforce


What does Post Industrial Fashion stands for?

In all likelihood, over the next decades our society will transform into one in which the social and economical concepts that have ruled us for the last two hundred years will disappear.

A new society will emerge, one that is respectful with resources and manpower. Clear signs of this impending change are lighting up all around the world, lights that illuminate the way we will go.

We, together with others, are speaking of the post-industrial society. Its main value is respect. Respect, rethink, reset, recycle, repair, recharge: the chronic forward movement of ruthless economical growth has to be bent into a circle.

Fashion is an important player in the world economy, and, up to now, one that causes a considerable amount of damage to the environment, not to speak of the degrading circumstances in which much of its labourers are forced to work. However, exiting new initiatives to change this situation are taking place all over the world.

We are organizing design events to further develop these initiatives, and invite you to be part of it.

Be a part of PIFS & everything will glow for you! Please send completed documents to



  • Maria CleLeal
  • AU-RA
  • Back to Eco
  • Creativvo
  • Zortziak bat
  • INTO
  • Anna Trash
  • Del Través
  • Virginia Rondeel Upcycling Collection 



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